Multilingual Projects and Organizations

Multilingual Month has collected information and examples of organizations that work with multilingualism in the Nordic countries. Below, you find what we have found in alphabetical order.

You can also search among the units with the language tags (on the right corner of the page), or according to the country that the organization is located in.

Links to organizations and projects by countries

NORDIC (Orgs that work parallerly in several Nordic countries)

Organizations and projects and projects in alphabetical order

Active Library logo. Active Library - Active Library  programme of Jyväskylä University searched for educational tools to support the growth of young students towards multilingualism and multilingual identities. You can find
Ós Pressan - Ós Pressan is a non-profit initiative designed to think of literature in an updated way, to bring out and promote new authors, to create an inclusive, multilingual
Café Lingua – Living Languages – Lifandi tungumál - A worldful of languages! Café Lingua is a platform for those who want to enhance their language skills, Icelandic or other languages, a place to
Danish Library Centre for Integration, Copenhagen, Denmark - Danish Library Centre for Integration, Copenhagen, Denmark The Danish Library Centre for Integration (SBCI) lends books, music, and films to Danish public libraries. Most of
Det flerspråklige bibliotek, Oslo, Norway - Det flerspråklige bibliotek, Oslo, Norway: The multilingual collection of the National Library of Norway has books and films in 69 languages. Libraries around Norway can
Digital learning and playing space in Somali for children - Finnish National Agency for education (Opetushallitus) has published a new, playful learning platform to support Somali mother language teaching at schools. The platform is open
International Library, Stockholm, Sweden - The International Library is part of the Stockholm Public Library and it is in central Stockholm. It has a multilingual collection of books in around
Kolibrí Festivaali - Kolibrí – the Ibero-American children’s cultural festival  is a way to experience multiculturalism and multilingualism in Finland through children’s eyes. Kolibrí offers an artistic, recreational
Learning for Integration: multilingual language cafés, language-specific playgroups for kids, language expert services etc. - Learning for Integration ry promotes the learning of languages and cultural sensitivity of migrant, immigrant and refugee children and youth in Finland and other Nordic countries.
Leikin sata kieltä ja tarinaa / The hundred languages of playing - Leikin sata kieltä ja tarinaa / The hundred languages of playing is a fare about children’s education in multilingual and intercultural contexts. In 2018 the
Litteraturcentrum Uppsala - Litteraturcentrum Uppsala  is a collaboration of Studiefrämjandet, Kultur i länet, Kulturrådet, Uppsala city, Uppsala regional library and Svenska Pen. Its aim is to support local
Móðurmál – the Association on Bilingualism - Móðurmál (Mother Tongue) is an NGO founded in Reykjavik in 1994 as The Parents of Bilingual Children Association (Samtök foreldra tvítyngdra barna). It supports multilingualism by
Multilingual Library, Helsinki, Finland - The Multilingual Library is located in Pasila Library, Helsinki and its collections cover over 80 languages. Customers living outside of Helsinki can order all materials
NolitchX, Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange - Nolitch X, Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange, is a literature project (2017) with the objective of creating networks of immigrant language writers in the Nordic
Nordens Hus bibliotek, Reykjavik, Iceland - The Nordic House Library (Nordens Hus bibliotek, Reykjavik, Iceland) provides literature (books and ebooks) and films in 7 Nordic languages for children and adults. The library
Reading by listening – a Nordic collaboration produces talking books in Arabic and Sámi - In the Nordic countries, the need for talking books in other languages than European languages has increased during the last few years. Due to the
Sano se saameksi – Say it in Sámi - Say it in Saami features the first online Saami phrasebook on the Internet containing informal language, and its goal is to help the endangered languages. You
Sign language e-library of Finland - Online Sign Language eLibrary of Finland has a version in Finnish and Swedish. The library, run by the Finnish Association of the Deaf, has collected materials
Sivuvalo – Is This Finnish Literature? - Sivuvalo project is a creative platform for writers who write in other than the two national languages in Finland. It offers information about transnational writers, edits
Somali Nordic Culture promotes reading and writing in Somali - Somali Nordic Culture is an association located in Sweden. It works to increase interest towards Somali Culture organizing events and festivals, activities for children, film
Story Sharing Universum - Story Sharing Universum is a project which helps immigrants, asylum seekers and Finns to meet and share stories together in several languages. The project has two
Tema morsmål – support for multilingual education - Tema Morsmål is a website that offers resources to support different mother tongues and multilingual work in child care, mother tongue education and bilingual education in
The Flying Carpet – Fljúgandi teppi - The Flying Carpet – intercultural encounters  The Flying Carpet is a method of facilitated intercultural encounters created by Kristin R. Vilhjálmsdóttir. By implementing the The
The Women’s Story Circle (Söguhringur kvenna) in Reykjavik City Library - Image: a visual art piece, a new map of Reykjavík, created by The Women´s Story Circle under the guidance of Lilianne Vorstenbosch A worldful of
Vigdís International Centre for Multilingualism and Intercultural Understanding - The Vigdís International Centre for Multilingualism and Intercultural Understanding (or Vigdís World Language Centre, for short) has been established in April 2017, based on an