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Active Library  programme of Jyväskylä University searched for educational tools to support the growth of young students towards multilingualism and multilingual identities.

You can find materials and exercises both in Finnish and English on the Active Library webpages.

The project was carried out in two phases between 2013–15 by Finnish teachers and classes. In the first phase about 12 multicultural and plurilingual mother language teachers in Jyväskylä developed authentic language learning material based on fairy tales, stories and literature from their own culture. The material was made by e.g. Arabic, Dutch, English, German, Russian and Swahili learning groups. The page still offers materials in these languages.

In the second phase primary school teachers / mother tongue teachers (Finnish) with their L2-learners took part in the project creating libraries of their own. They collected texts and books and developed exercises from specific themes like scifi, recycling, authors (Tove Jansson and the Moomins). The main aim was to create internet data base libraries and share experiences about this way of act in language/literacy learning.

Active Library in English

Active Library in Finnish

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