The presentations of the seminar Literature without borders 18.3.2016

The seminar Literature without borders – Kirjallisuus ilman rajojaLitteratur utan gränser –  took place on March 18th 2016 at Nordic Culture Point, with full audience consisting of writers and specialists of literature from different Nordic countries. The speakers and audience discussed topics like the position of non-dominant language authors in the Nordic Countries, safe havens and other initiatives to promote freedom of expression; the position of Sámi literature, diasporic literatures, and questions of evaluation in the language wise diverse literature field.

The seminar was organised by Culture for All Service, The Finnish Critics’ Association, The Finnish Reading Centre, Finnish PEN, The International Cultural Centre Caisa, The Nordic Culture Point and Sivuvalo Project in the premises of Nordic Culture Point Helsinki.

The seminar presentations are online, link to the full programme below:



Annika Nummelin & Mikael Höysti
Rita Paqvalén, Culture for All Service:

Non-dominant language writers in Nordic literary institutions 

Outi Korhonen, Culture for All Service:
seminar presentation:
link to the report: Outi Korhonen & Rita Paqvalén: Wandering Words. Comparisons of the Position of Non-dominant Language Writers in Nordic Organizations 

National and language borders in Nordic literature from a historic perspective

Heidi Grönstrand, The project Multilingualism in contemporary literature in Finland:

Panel I: Evaluation and multilingualism

Panel participants: Maili Öst (SARV, The Finnish Critics’ Association), Malin Kivelä (Society of Swedish Authors in Finland), Jesper Söderström (Sveriges författarfond), Kerstin Bennett (Norwegian Authors´ Union) & Niels Ivar Larsen (journalist, Dagbladet Information). Moderator: Elisabeth Nordgren (SARV, The Finnish Critics’ Association):

The Sámi literature as an example of transnational literature

Vuokko Hirvonen, Sámi University:

Statements by the writers

Polina Kopylova

Manal Al Sheikh

Inger-Mari Aikio

Panel II: How to live and work in exile, often still under threat

Panel participants: Thomas Wallgren (Helsinki City Council), Anisur Rahman (ICORN/ Uppsala), Manal Al Sheikh (ICORN/ Stavanger) & Mazen Maarouf (ICORN/ Reykjavík). Moderator: Iida Simes (Finnish PEN)

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